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Load-Me application is now available for your Android phone

Download Load-Me app from Google Play. provides a freight and truck matching service through its network. Using the mobile app, a transportation service provider can find available load that matches the available type of truck in real time. This way we are helping carriers, brokers and shippers excel in the trucking industry. The mobile app helps you find the right logistic services on the go.

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Take a look at the latest LIVE results on the Transporters Market Load Board

Check out the most recent posts from shipping companies announcing their available trucks on different routes in Middle East. Also Job posts from owners that need their cargo shipped right away. Use search function to find the answer to your logistic needs. Weather you have some cargo you need to ship or you own trucks and need a load right now, will automatically match you with the best results.

truck-icon Car transporter

needed for load

From: Dubai

To: Dubai


From: 7/19/2018

To: 7/28/2018


Cars: 2

200 AED
more details

truck-icon Flatbed

needed for load

From: Riyadh

To: Oman


From: 7/12/2018

To: 7/21/2018


Tons: 80.00

Floor: 20.00

more details

truck-icon Container

ready to be loaded

From: UAE

To: Ar Rashidiyah


From: 7/10/2018

To: 8/9/2018


Tons: 25.00

Container: Big

550 AED
more details

truck-icon Pickup

ready to be loaded

From: Dubai

To: Dubai


From: 7/10/2018

To: 8/9/2018


Tons: 4.20

Floor: 4.00

450 AED
more details

truck-icon Flatbed

ready to be loaded

From: Ad Dammam

To: Riyadh


From: 6/28/2018

To: 7/28/2018


Tons: 20.00

Floor: 12.00

900 SAR
more details offers Online Load Matching

The Only Load Board dedicated exclusively for the Middle East Transporters Market. Why do you need

  • Because time is money, you save time getting results online
  • Because you need transport to GCC right now.
  • Because you can't find anything right in the transportation classifieds
  • Because you will become more efficient and your profit will increase.

Find Trucks and Loads in just a few seconds - Search Now Transporters Market is an online marketplace for shipments and trucks, where logistics professionals get in contact with one another and can do the freight exchange in real-time. gives instant access to a large pool of live information about the available freight as well as trucks across Middle East. The service thereby increases the efficiency of acquiring loads and sending trucks for transportation purposes. It is a real-time, 24/7 trucking community of freight industry professionals looking to ship freight from Dubai to all GCC destinations and beyond. It connects shipping companies from the entire Middle East with business owners in need for transportation for their cargo.
The purpose of this Load Board is to facilitate communication and to help both truck owners and load owners close a deal as fast as possible. In a business where time is money and there are deadlines to meet it is imperative to move quickly in order to increase profit.

Cargo owner in warehouse

Unlimited Free Posts for Load Owners

You have some cargo to ship and you are searching for trucks?

You're at the right place. Post an ad asking for a Truck - For Free. Find transportation to your needed destination in just minutes. Stop wasting time on the phone, calling everybody in the classified ads. On you will find numerous truck owners and shipping companies that have transportation available on your needed route. As a load owner, you can post as many ads as you need, for free. All you need to do is to register and start posting ads asking for trucks.

Post a Free ad for your Loads right Now

Using's Freight Exchange platform you will not hire truckers blindly. You have at hand other load owners reviews and ratings for the chosen trucker or shipping company so you can decide if you can trust them with your precious cargo.
Make sure your fragile load gets to the destination safely, take advantage of other people's experience and contacts in the business in order to get a profitable deal, in time delivery and an overall good experience.

Truck on the road

Truck Owners

As your competition increases, your company must seek new and alternative ways to maximize your revenues and loaded miles.

To run your trucks empty is a cost that you cannot afford. Giving you direct access to hundreds of cargo offers posted daily by shipping companies, offers you the opportunity to increase revenue and occupancy of your fleet. Grow your numbers and make more profitable miles using with confidence, the best load board from Middle East.

Don't wait for the business to come to you, take matters in your own hands so you will never run your truck on empty and you will never have your truck waiting for days losing money. provides truckers and shipping companies all over Middle East, thousands of shipping requirements posted by companies that need you. Be one step ahead of your competition and get constant jobs using

Never say no to a customer again! You have orders when your trucks are not available? Publish them on Load-Me and you will secure the client, don't send him to your competitors, grab the business and make profit with each order.


No. 1 Transporters Marketplace in the Middle East

Take advantage of the platform and don't miss out on this unique opportunity to make your business more profitable.
Put an end to uncertainty and wasted time when your business is on hold because of logistic problems. is the solution for your logistic needs. Save Time and Money using Freight Exchange platform.

Find your Match

We are matching Trucks and Loads across the Middle East. Match your business with success right Now.


You're seconds away from successful deals. Stop random calls, meet your needs here.

1000's of RESULTS

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Running your trucks empty is costly. Get a Load for every truck in your fleet and increase your profit

Agent looking for trucks


Your own Freight Exchange Marketplace is open 24/7.

Advertise your cargo on our platform! Load-Me is a perfect tool for freight exchange and agents can take now any new order, because finding trucks is made easy by Your own network of reliable contacts in Middle East will expand and you can find freight among our daily offers. Use the power of internet to earn extra revenues and increase your business.

Now you have your own Freight Exchange Marketplace that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Communication just got better and your agenda in enriched with thousands on new contacts. Never say no to a customer again! The solution to their needs is at your fingertips, search, contact and close another profitable deal.

diesel fuel price in UAE

Fuel Price in UAE

Find Out the Cost of Diesel fuel in UAE Today

Since the Fuel Price Deregulation from July 2015, diesel and petrol price has been fluctuating in UAE.
Keep up with the current diesel price, take a look back in time and compare present and past fuel prices in order to make precise calculations regarding your income. Keeping track of the fuel price will allow you to make correct adjustments to your shipping fees and keep your profit steady.

Find out how much Diesel Fuel Costs in UAE Today


Load-Me will accommodate certain data in the system, so it makes our life easy, because we go in the site, have a look what is the history of the certain companies registered on Load-Me, then we choose them without any problems.

Lal Premarathne
Lal Premarathne
General Manager at DB SCHENKER

If you want to grow in the market, you have to reply immediately to the customer, then you can get the good business and should make sure you will do it in a proper way.

Noamaan Saeed
Noamaan Saeed
Freight Supervisor at ALPHA STAR SHIPPING

Sitting in the office you will never get any clients, we have to post through internet where people can see our services, so they call us.
For example some has a refrigerator truck and we get lots of good business deals.

Abdul Rahim
Abdul Rahim

Our Clients

Who We Are

An award winning team of logistics experts and IT professionals.

We are using modern technology in order to make load and truck planning easier for everybody in the business. is the result of years of experience in the logistics field.

We created this Load Board to fulfill the great need in the Middle East logistics field of an internet based Freight Exchange Platform that will connect people a lot faster and will boost the overall transportation business while it will offer reliable and fast resources to cargo owners.

Load-Me in the news:

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and LoadME sign an MoU
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and LoadME sign an MoU
  • 2/6/2018

Dubai Startup Hub, the entrepreneurship support arm of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has facilitated deals...

Sebastian Stefan on air - Dubai Eye
Load-Me on Air at Dubai Eye
  • 1/27/2018

Load-Me co-founder Sebastian Stefan in an interview on Dubai Eye Radio. Load-Me started as a finalist for Clix Program...

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