All in one
truck transportation management system!

LoadMe is an award-winning truck transport management system which focuses on matching shippers with carriers.

A digital disruptor that is committed to significant cost reductions, improved quality and productivity. Dubai Ports is a sponsor and seed investor in LoadMe with on ground operations throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

For Shippers

  • Triple your fleet with the same staff
  • Cut your workload in half
  • Monitor and track shipments in real time
  • Communicate with drivers effectively
  • Invoice quicker get paid faster
  • Increase cash flow
  • Eliminate driver pay stress
  • Manage and archive shipment and driver documents
  • Access reliable reports and analytics at any point in time

Our shippers

For carriers

  • Access more loads from reliable Shippers
  • Get paid faster
  • Increase truck utilization through reverse hauling
  • Improve fleet management operations
  • Save time in communicating with drivers
  • Access from anywhere you have internet connection
  • Happier shippers and customers
  • Reduce coordination and paperwork time
  • Increase revenue and profit

How it works

Take control of your truck transport operations!

40% average increase in productivity

LoadMe will digitize and manage your transport routes

From the moment the order is placed, until the transport is invoiced and paid, you are in full control.

  1. Place the order on the platform and upload any documents needed (no worries it is 100% secure)
  2. The minute the trucks are assigned to your order, you can see them on the map.
  3. Follow the trucks’ entire journey on the map, see what the delays are and why.
  4. Or don’t even bother, because you get automated status reports when it is at Loading Point, at the Border, Offloading – and many more
  5. Get Electronic Proof of Delivery so you know that your merchandise has arrived safely
  6. Export reports of your orders, shipments, and any other data at any time you need it.

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