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Diesel Price in Bahrain - Find out today's Diesel and Petrol Price

Cost of Diesel in Bahrain Today

Fuel Price in Bahrain - December 2017 - Updated on: 12/12/2017

Today: 5/24/2018

Keep up with any changes of the fuel price in Bahrain, and make sure you adjust your prices and expenses with the price of petrol.

Fuel Type Retail prices (BHD/Litre)

Gas Oil / Diesel

0.14 BHD/Litre

Unleaded Gasoline 95 0.16 BHD/Litre

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Fuel Price history:

Fuel Type Retail prices (BHD/Litre)

Gas Oil / Diesel

0.14 BHD/Litre

Unleaded Gasoline 95 0.16 BHD/Litre

Fuel Price in Middle Eastern Countries

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After 33 years of unchanged fuel prices, Bahrain has increased the price of gasoline in 2016, linking the decision to the drop in global oil prices. This was also a part of structural economic and fiscal reforms.

Following the changes in January 11, 2016, fuel price in Bahrain was hiked by more than 50 percent, with regular petrol price increasing from 80 fils (20 cents) per litre to 125 fils (33 cents), an increase of 56.3 percent. The more expensive super petrol price increased by 60 percent, from 100 fils (27 cents) to 160 fils (42 cents) per litre.

The price of fuel in Bahrain remained stable throughout 2017:
Diesel price Bahrain: 0.14 BHD
Unleaded Gasoline price Bahrain: 0.16 BHD will continue to monitor Petrol and Diesel Prices for the entire Middle Eastern trucking and logistics industry. When new prices for fuel will be announced, the diesel price in Bahrain will be available right here.

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